The Safer Parking Award

The Safer Parking Scheme is a national standard for UK car parks that have low crime and measures in place to ensure the safety of people and vehicles. A Park Mark is awarded to each car park that achieves the challenging standards. The distinctive Park Mark signage helps drivers find car parks where they can confidently leave their vehicle, knowing the environment is safer.

In the UK, a quarter of car parks have achieved the Park Mark Award. That’s 5,000 of an estimated 17,000 – 20,000 car parks across the country. Most car parks are safe places, most of the time. But not all! Park Mark helps you tell the difference.

Each car park undergoes a rigorous assessment by specially trained police assessors and it is the car park that is awarded not the organisation. This is because organisations, such as local authorities or large private companies can have many car parks, but not all of them will pass. The car parks that do achieve the award have management practices and security measures assessed and these practices actively reduce crime. Park Mark car parks look safer, they feel safer, they are safer!

Safer Parking Award Nov 2017-18 certificate


Parking charges start at 8am and end at 6pm Monday to Saturday (including public/bank holidays).

  • Up to 1 hour – £1.10
  • Up to 2 hours – £2.20
  • Up to 3 hours – £3.30
  • Up to 4 hours – £4.40
  • Up to 5 hours – £5.50
  • Up to 6 hours – £6.60
  • Up to 7 hours – £7.00
  • Up to 10 hours – £7.50

General Information

Long Stay Pay on Foot before exit Car Park

1.90m(6.2″) maximum vehicle height barrier

Standard bays – 553

Disabled bays – 20

Other – 32